Environment Policy

At Sea Change Villas we have undertaken initiatives to conserve energy and product, and be eco-friendly to our beautiful island of Rarotonga.

A waste treatment system is in operation for our sewerage and effluent turning our wastewater products into landscape irrigation. A series of layers of worms and casts in the specially designed tanks breaks down waste and eventually returns it to the soil through a trickle irrigation system feeding many of our plantings. Because of the worms we only use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in our laundering systems, and even then we are particular as to what can be allowed to enter the waste system.

Sea Change Villas’ freshwater pools are chlorine free and environmentally friendly.

Fresh water is collected from the rainfall in the hills behind Sea Change Villas, passing though a filtration system prior to reaching your villa taps. A further filter then allows for safe drinking water to be obtained from the small faucet on the kitchen bench.

Because Rarotonga enjoys a temperate climate, all villas have been designed with louver windows with insect screens while fans allow natural air flow to circulate through the rooms to reduce the need for air conditioning and in turn reduce electricity consumption.

Electricity is expensive on the island, as it is diesel generated, and is at the mercy of the world oil prices. Many of our electrical systems are on timers to reduce consumption. Water is instantly heated using gas, not requiring any hot water storage.

All cleaning products used are environmentally friendly and include white vinegar which is known to be an effective and all natural non toxic cleaning product.

Eco bulbs are used wherever possible.

There are a range of initiatives displayed in each villa which our guests can help us with once they arrive and we welcome suggestions for any further enhancements.