When you fly to the beautiful Cook Islands from New Zealand and Australia you will cross the
international dateline and this generally means you will arrive in Rarotonga one day earlier than
when you leave!   This can be a little confusing however our friendly team at Sea Change Villas will
be able to advise you fully on this in your enquiry.

If you are flying from North America via Los Angeles there is only a 2 – 3-hour time difference between Los Angeles and Rarotonga and you will depart LA late in the evening and arrive around 7am the following morning.

Please refer to the Air New Zealand website for full details of their flights and pricing.
Virgin Australia offers five flights a week from Auckland, New Zealand which all connect with Virgin Australia flights to Australia.

Please refer to the Virgin Australia website for full details.

JetStar offers three flights a week from Auckland, New Zealand with all connecting with JetStar flights to Australia.  Please refer to the JetStar website for full details for full details.

Air Tahiti Nui offers a weekly service between Papeete and Rarotonga.

Please refer to the Air Tahiti Nui website for full details.

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