Take all the preconceptions you’ve ever had of what a romantic, authentic, blue-lagoon, white-sand, palm-fringed South Pacific South Seas Island paradise should be, then multiply them tenfold – for few imaginations can do justice to these gorgeous islands.

The Cook Islands offers a vibrant Polynesian boutique destination that is both genuine and unique. The people are open and generous, the culture and customs rich with tradition, the lifestyle, relaxing and unhurried.

The reality of the Cook Islands is that it is real, not a destination manufactured for tourists. There are no franchises here!  You’ll discover real people going about real island life, just as they have done for centuries. Visit maraes, small villages, palm frond thatched bures, or witness the glorious harmonies of island singing at one of the many limestone churches.

The island of Rarotonga is very easy to get around by bike, bus, scooter or car and only 32kms in circumference.  Here you’ll discover genuine uninhabited beaches, tropical trees and fragrant flowers, powder-perfect white sandy, aquamarine seas and sparkling waterfalls, all set against the majestic backdrop of the island’s jagged volcanic peaks.

Almost completely surrounding Rarotonga is the stunning lagoon, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. Take a walk on some of Rarotonga’s walking trails enabling you to get close to bird life and natural surroundings.

Rarotonga – less than four hours away from New Zealand, but a million miles away from reality. Here you will find deserted white-sand beaches, tiny uninhabited islands, endless azure waters. And you will re-discover that rare luxury – time to yourself. This is a place where you will enjoy a simple serene life, a restorative tonic to soothe away the pressures of the world.

Sea Change Villas – remove yourself from your busy lifestyle to a real world where total privacy in peaceful surroundings simply soothes the soul. We invite you to visit, stay awhile and explore all that our little paradise has to offer.