The Cook Islands

Often referred to as the Jewels of the Pacific, the fifteen small Cook Islands are scattered over some two million square kilometers of ocean. Set between the island neighbours of Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti and French Polynesia.

Rarotonga has the largest landmass of all the Cook Islands, with rugged volcanic hills up to 653 meters high. The other islands are either atolls like Aitutaki or raised up reefs.

The Cook Islands are divided into two groups – the Northern Cook Islands and the Southern Cook Islands. A total land area of some 240 square kilometers. Rarotonga lies in the Southern Group and has the largest population (Approx 9,000 people). It is a lush volcanic island with an encompassing reef and lagoon. Pacific travellers often comment that the Cook Islands have some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery of any group in the South Pacific – from turquoise waters and white sandy beaches to scenic waterfalls and rugged peaks.

Rarotonga the most popular destination in the Cook Islands, is renowned for its sailing, diving, fishing, outdoor pursuits and the clear turquoise lagoon that contains an abundant variety of marine life.

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